Monday, 17 September 2007


Yes i think i have abandoned blogger for quite sometime its been very hectic for me and now that i am back i am going to get down to business. I need to catch up on all your blogs. I can imagine we have new people and also my old favourites. okay now to all yo blogs i need to catch up. will start posting probably tomorrow when i am done reading and commenting at yours....

Thursday, 28 June 2007


She is 26 yrs old, has no child and was married for 2 years when her husband told her he wanted a divorce. The first year of their marriage was spent apart due to both of them working in different cities, each weekend she took the train to go and see him and then she would get back to her apartment on Monday morning ready for work on Tuesday since Monday was her day off.

When the year ended her boss gave her a transfer to their office in the same city he was working. This news couldn’t have come at a better time. So she calls him to tell him the good news. When he picked up it did not seem like good news to him but anyway he made arrangements to pick her up and have all her things brought to his apartment. After only being there for 3 wks he tells her he wants a divorce after they got into a physical altercation. He told her that he promised himself that he would never lay his hands on his wife, and now that he has he cannot be married to her." Of course she was devastated, she thought THEY WERE HAPPY...THEY NEED COUNSELING NOT A DIVORCE!!!! and began to beg and plead with him to rethink this, and that they needed counselling not divorce. He said they did not need counselling; he was not going to change his mind. He then stayed with her for the next two weeks acting like he never told her he wanted a divorce.

One day while going through their cell phone bills she finds out that he had been talking to his ex-girlfriend on the phone for the last month. After she confronted him on that he then told her he had changed his mind he wanted a divorce (but as you can see from above, he never told her that he wanted to work things out) so she said fine and moved out. He then told her a week later that even though he wanted a divorce he still wanted to be with her, so basically he wanted her to go from being his wife to his girlfriend. she then cussed him out, but they continued to have sex ( stupidly she allowed) and she ended up pregnant. When she told him she was pregnant, he told her he to get an abortion (which was even more offending) and said what made her think he wanted to have a child with her he didn’t even want to be married to her. She had a miscarriage a week later, and she still hasn't heard from him. She filed for divorce last week and they have a divorce date on Aug 12. She did everything for this guy, LITERALLY.... he even admits it. But he says that he wasn’t happy with her, and that the reason he speaks to his ex is because she knows him better. She is beyond hurt, I she hasn’t had a healthy appetite since and has a REALLY hard time leaving her apartment. She get so depressed going grocery shopping, she has had food delivered to her everyday for the past 45 days. She can't concentrate at work, and wake up basically every morning crying. She feels so alone, depressed & helpless its ridiculous, and she is so ashamed of it because she knows that she has it good. No KIDS for one, and she wasn't married that long.... but it feels like she will never leave the house, that she will never find love again or even a support system. She has tried to hate him, but she love him so much.... she always asks herself why…Why...why every minute of every day. She even ask why in her sleep:

Then she hears her alarm go off and she sit up out of the bed and she is back to her sweet 24 with her dog windy lying down on the rug. Is it possible that in one night she had lived more than 3 years?

Thursday, 14 June 2007


Ripped and taped up feelings
for things we just cant face
fallen but not yet broken
are the memories we cant erase

lost but not forgotten
are the places we used to stay
gone but not forever
is tomorrow's yesterday

but time is moving slowly
and I'm trapped behind closed doors
i don't want to remember
anything from before

i feel like I've betrayed you
because i want to leave this place
and somehow staying here
is just too much for me to take

so here's your static lullaby
here's your empty heart
i am letting go of everything
that's made me fall apart

this is my silent goodbye
i bid my memories adieu
cause I'm better off happy
somewhere i cant remember you

ripped and torn up feelings
are the things that we face
fallen chipped and broken
are the memories we erase

lost and now forgotten
are the places we used to stay
gone right now forever
are memories of yesterday

Thursday, 31 May 2007


just a quick on if you met 3 guys
1. is Wealth

2. is Success

3. is Love

Who would you invite into your house because only one can enter your house..........

Thursday, 24 May 2007


Today's Recipe is From Mexico



1 Chicken Breast
6 slices of Ham
2 Eggs
3 tablespoons of flour
1 Cup of milk
1 Tables spoon of Chopped Onion
1 Table spoon of chopped Parsley
1 Table spoon of Mustard
Bread Crumbs
Salt and Pepper


Wash the chicken breast well and boil it with salt

Fry the onions in the margarine. Add the flour, stirring constantly and when it begins to brown, add milk and continue stirring for 10 minutes.

Add the chopped ham , chicken , mustard and parsley. Add salt and Pepper and mix well. Le it cool a little to form a chick paste.

Whip the eggs

Form the croquettes by hand. Dip them in the whipped eggs and the bread them.

Fry them evenly in the oil and dry off the excess grease with a paper towel or napkin.

Now there you go..

On monday i will give u the recipe for Dessert

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Okay i was supposed to post something yesterday but i was unable to get time.

First i will post the pic with the tattoo for Amit

I know its too small but yeah that is it.

Okay back to the tale... i got dumped!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha in all my life i have never been dumped i have always had my friends say these things and i always thought it cant happen to me but well i was brought back to earth.

So he had been too busy for almost 3 weeks and then this time i am sited at Quality cuts i see him. No wait a minute i see them walking, holding hands laughing ha you should have seen my face.
Anyway it all started with a choco fudge with Pat and Ben (remember them?) so we decided to head to Quality cuts since they have Ben's favourite flavour. As we were sited talking about life and the day's happenings,Ben suddenly asks me about HIM so i go on and on about HIM, how far the relationship had gone and how we were ready to take it to the next level. The guys seemed amused and happy for me and then the conversation shifted to how all those dreams can crumble in one night but trust me i knew that mine would not go that lane. At that moment they walked in...... HIM and HER at first i could not believe what i was seeing, then i convinced my self that they are just friends, and then i got angry because he had refused to go to lunch with me with the excuse of being busy at work. Of course these 2 guys noticed my discomfort as i watched HIM & HER take the corner seats in the restaurant, then they asked me if i knew any of the 2 and what the problem was. I just kept quiet, picked up my phone and called HIM, when he answered he went like "Call me back in an hour am in a meeting", okay so all this time the being busy, the meetings at night, the workshops in Mbale had basically been about HER? Then i told my 2 friends that we had to go, they could not believe that i had moved from chatty to bitchy as we walked out HIM turned and looked at me then he looked at the guys i was with and then i saw him stand up heading for my direction. I wanted to run but i could not, then he held my hand and started explaining some shit i could not make out, this time Ben was right at my side telling him to leave me alone if that is what i wanted. Men have all sorts of drama then HIM suddenly turned everything on me asking me if i had replaced him with Ben and all that crap how he thought we were serious about the relationship and how he had believed me when i said we could have a family together. All this time i was looking at him in disbelieve i could not believe now the whole thing had turned against me. I had had enough of the drama i caught Ben's hand and we walked away and i did not look back. He has been trying to call, parading at my work place but i shall not take any more drama in my life especially from a man who can not stand his ground and accept his mistake.. So that is the story of my life i wonder if Ben and Pat went home and discussed me and my stupid mouth that could not stop bragging about the perfect relationship that turned into disaster right in front of them...

So until tomorrow see ya i got to get my butt out of office.

Mood: Sleepy

Listening to: Not ready to make nice- Dixie chicks

Later on: Make coffee and watch friends

Quote:"Judge a tree from its fruit; not from the leaves" - Euripides, 484 - 406 BC

Friday, 18 May 2007


Its been a while since i last went through all your posts and also since i posted something this is because i have been too busy with work i didn't even have time to check my email.

Thank God i am now a bit free i can go through all your blogs (ha isn't that a joke) to catch up..
The weekend is here looking forward to it so i will just list down a few things i will do over the weekend.

1. My hair is in a total mess so i have to do something about it despite the fact that i don't have much money for me i need a new style i have had this one in the pic for too long.

2. Today after work i will go catch a movie its been long since i last went to the cimena i wonder if i still know the way. But anyway i will go solo and watch any movie showing just coz its in my plans.. Anyone want to join me feel free..

3. I have this wedding am dreading why? because its for the guy i once had a crush one and he knew it but he jammed to ask me out... Maybe if he had i would be the one walking down the aisle or all yo all would be getting ready for the big do. So anyway the guy has invited to watch him exchange holy vows Damn him i wish he knew how bummy he looks...

4. I was planning on going for Benny Hinn but seeing the choir comprising of 5000 people just made me think about the congregation the kavuyo of pushing and all that.. I believe if God wants to heal you or give you a miracle in your life, he does not have to wait for an "Anointed" (as they are referred to as) pastor to visit your home area. He gives you the healing even in your own house as long as you believe.

5. Sunday i will go to church then stay home with family try to enjoy the calm since i have been so busy i have not even had time to talk to my mum so come Sunday i will do that.

Since it is raining like suddenly there is no global warming i will not go looking around for chocolate fudge or caramel and Toffee ice cream like i usually do.

Nice weekend guys and come Monday i have a tale to tell